Noailles Tous Ici is a project which tries to affirm the identity of the Noailles district, in Marseille. Four associations carry this project - Destination Famille, Artup13, Urban Prod and Les Petits débrouillards.


For the urban stroll, which took place in the district, we created a signage with for inspiration the coats of arm of craftsmanship in the Middle Ages, with Morgane Guillaume, Jason Garcia and the first years of our DSAA. The stroll is divided in three parts (Know-how, Dynamism and Nature), each coat of arm include the sign of a course and others signs attributed in the spot where it is put.


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During two weeks, workshops were set up in the heart of the district. Inhabitants, bystanders and curious were invited to participate in the signage’s manufacturing of the urban stroll.


Achievement of a district map with the different spot of the stroll. Illustrations at six hands with Jason and Morgane.